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Single-Family Residential Vacant Lot on Stearns Ave - 6,564 sq ft. Sold Out

Reserve for: $300.00

California City, CA

Kern-Cal 2967-224

Purchase Price:

$ 16,490.00

Down Payment:

$ 2,473.50

Monthly Payment:

$ 192.23

Interest Rate:


Duration of Loan:

120 months

Full Discounted Cash Price

$ 16,077.75


Reserve for: $300.00
Reserve for: $300.00
Kern Cal 2967-214

Property Description

This property is a buildable spacious home lot located within the California City limits. Only 90 minutes away from metropolitan Los Angeles, this property is great if you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life. The property is near the downtown shopping area and local government services like the police department and the fire station. There are schools, medical centers, parks, and a golf course all a short distance away.  

This property is within a tract in which construction of street and water improvement was deferred by a special agreement between the developer and the city of California City. This tract is referred to as the SDI tract or “Subdivision Deferred Improvement” tract.

Buildable Lot: This lot has been declared to be buildable by the California City Planning Department due to water availability. Building permit required.

 Zoning and Size:6,564 sq ft. in size. The streets are laid out in a non-rectangular pattern, which adds character and flow control throughout the subdivision. This lot is zoned R-1.

Sewer: California City has a sewer system in place covering some parts of the city in the central core area. If your lot is within 200 feet of a main city sewer line, you will be required to connect to that line. Septic systems are approved for all other lots within the city.

Power and Other Services: California Edison Power Company will provide power upon request after a building permit has been issued for a lot. The owner must call California Edison to obtain the cost and time for bringing power to the lot. The use of generators is approved on a temporary basis, and solar energy systems are approved for a secondary backup system for the tract. California City has natural gas services covering some parts of the city in the central core area, or propane gas is readily available from local vendors.

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Property Summary

⦿ Legal Access: Yes

⦿ Topography: Level

⦿ Size: 6,564 sq ft.

⦿ Zoning:R-1

⦿ Sewer: Sewer (if within 200 ft. of main city sewer line) or Septic tank approved (if property is outside the city sewer line) (Buyer to verify)

⦿ Electricity: Electricity Available with California Edison Power Company, Solar Panels Approved, Generator approved

⦿ Natural Gas: Available if within 200 ft. of main line, however propane gas is readily available from local vendors


Distance: Place:

⦿ 14 mi. to: Mojave, CA

⦿ 30 mi. to: Tehachapi, CA

⦿ 49 mi. to: Palmdale, CA

⦿ 68 mi. to: Bakersfield, CA

⦿ 108 mi. to: Los Angeles, CA

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